Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Graffiti art history and 2013 new US Graffiti show

Graffiti goes as far as during the Second World War, when someone wrote " Kilroy was here" in a surprising number of places in our country and abroad . In the fifties graffiti streetgangs used for self- promotion, marking the boundaries and intimidation.Around 1969 something changed and became a way of life graffiti with its own code of conduct , secret gathering places , slang and aesthetic represents hundreds of New York City youth. Nobody knows who started graffiti at the time, but we do know that made ​​him famous . It was TAKI 183.The origin marking , began in New York in the 70s by Vic, a mail rode subways and local buses to deliver his packages . He set a goal for himself to visit every subway and ride all busy New York. (aka "All City" ) He began to write his name ( Vic ) and the identification number of the mail (156) on every subway and bus , it is mounted on . Phase 2 ( bubble styles ) , Case 2, Tracy 168, Sly II , Chain 3 , Lee 163d , Julio 204, Frank 207 and Joe 136 were many early NYC tag names as well as originators of various styles to reconstruct such as : bubble, corrugated , labels Bway shredded flava , transparent.

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