Monday, 11 November 2013

Leessang 2013 HK Fans Custom baseball caps and t-shirts

Leessang is a South Korean Hip-hop duo, composed of Kang Hee-gun ("Gary") and Gil Seong-joon ("Gil"). Formed in 2002, Leessang has produced 8 albums with at least one #1 hit in each. However, it is their last three albums, Hexagonal, Asura Balbalta, and Unplugged that broke numerous records and guided their entry to the mainstream Korean music industry. All the songs in the albums entered the top positions on all major and minor charts upon release and held its position for at least three days, achieving a very rare "all kill". I like Gary so much!! Check out the 2013 HK Fans Custom baseball caps and t-shirts here.

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